• Alec "Shock" Collins is among the new wave of high level talent that has entered Gears with the release of Gears of War 4.

    He has been competing since the title launched and has found himself a part of two high level teams in Allegiance and eUnited. He has taken sets off of OpTic Gaming in the dynasties prime and already has two top three places under his belt in his short career. Shock leads the charge for eU Gears with aggression and willingness to rush down enemies to open up games. He trusts equally in his teammates abilities in having his back and his own skill to win any fight that presents itself.



  • Kevin "REZIK" Ibarra hails from the former God-slaying roster of Allegiance. He has been playing competitive Gears since the release of Gears 4 and has brought a persona to the scene like no other. He is unabashed, confident and well spoken. When REZIK is on fire, he'll most definitely let you know about it. His branding of smack talk and the aura of personality be brings to his play is the highlight of any event eUnited Gears finds itself at. His style of play matches his style of person: flashy and in your face. He consistently makes highlight plays with a sniper in his hand, takes on and wins unfavorable fights and holds hills with even the slightest of advantage.



  • Chris "Lava" Anderson is an active legend within Gears of War. He has been playing competitive Gears of War for over five years now and has won six championships through two titles. He has been a staple player and leader for each high profile organization he has competed with, such as Denial Esports and OpTic Gaming previously. Lava has been associated with eUnited and it's management for a long period of time, dating back to when he played for Dan Clerke's former organization, Enemy Esports. Lava's leadership and skill are at the core of what makes eUnited Gears successful. He has the experience to guide players in adversity and the ability to make the plays that are needed to win. A King of the Clutch-up, eUnited is never truly behind when Lava is on the field of battle.



  • Jeff "Jerppy" Szewczak has quietly become of the best slayers in all of Gears of War. He was the final piece from the former Allegiance squad that have joined eUnited, but he very well may be the most important one. He is seemingly the opposite of his teammates, where they are hyped he is calm, where they are loud he is silent. His demeanor is of someone who is collected and calculated, ready to do their job and perform at the highest of levels and it shows in each and every match he takes part it. Jerrpy can be called the most consistent and on point slayer on eUnited. While his teammates might get roars for their flashiness, he will always find himself at the top of the leaderboard in kills in nearly every single game for eU Gears. He surgically takes apart enemy teams, almost methodically, all without a hint of boasting.



  • Joshua "Krash" Galen is was another integral aspect of the team that rivalled the best in Gears 4 so far. He, like many of his teammates, rose to superstar status recently. Sometimes soft spoken, but always confident, Krash finds himself at home with his teammates and the organization of eUnited, becase each and everyones goals align with one another. He is a primary shotcaller for eU Gears, with in game tactics and strategy falling to his shoulders. He compliments this role with being a big time play maker: if eUnited looks down, they're surely not out because of what Krash has shown the ability to pull off in even the most desperate of times.



  • A former top professional player in his own right, Chris "Affinity" Curren now leads the eUnited Gears of War team. After taking an in game leader role in past iterations of the roster, Chris now focuses on solely strategy.