Samsora Punches Ticket for Summit 2, Places Fifth at The Big House 9

By: Zachary Lange

The campaign trail for Ezra “Samsora” Morris to be voted into Smash Ultimate Summit 2 wasn’t exactly like the political campaigns that are filled with handshakes and speeches.

Far from it, actually.

In the past two weeks, Samsora’s streams with fellow competitors such as Nario, Light and VoiD resulted in zany challenges such as eating a raw egg to drawing on his friend’s faces while they were asleep. All of the shenanigans were a fun effort to make it to the 16-person invitational tournament that is set to take place in Los Angeles on Oct. 24-27.

Twenty players earned enough nominations from the community to make it to the voting phase of the process, with five players earning their tickets to Summit 2. Despite barely missing out on the first cutoff – in which the top two players secured their spots to the event – Samsora made it to Summit 2 on Oct. 1 after earning more than 53,000 votes.

The voting process involved supporting various Summit 2 campaigns to fund the variety of activities that will be shown throughout the weekend. A talent show, lie detector test and a crew ping pong battle are some of the surprises in store for viewers in the a few weeks.

Similar to the first installment of Smash Ultimate Summit back in the spring, Summit 2 will feature different, friendly competitions and skits in a weekend of Smash: Ultimate action. Last Summit, Samsora whipped up a signature recipe of his that, well, didn’t land with the others as well.

With his invitation to Summit 2 secured, Samsora traveled to Detroit for The Big House 9.

Play at the TCF Center began Friday went over 1,000 competitors in Smash: Ultimate singles took to pool play. Samsora won seven-straight matches before a bout with Mr. Game and Watch main Maister knocked him to the losers bracket for the final 12-person bracket.

Samsora was able to rebound with Daisy against Salt One, 3-0, before switching back to Peach against RFang in a 3-1 victory. In a final Game 5 in a best-of-five set, Nairo defeated the princess 3-2 to eliminate Samsora in fifth place.

Earlier in the weekend, Samsora also placed ninth in doubles with Mario main Dark Wizzy and participated in squad strike as well.

Now that his campaign trail has ended with the final result a success, Samsora will enjoy being home for a few weeks before Summit 2.

Could a cooking show be making its return?

We’ll just have to see what he whips up.