Same eUnited, Slightly Different Logo

Today, we are excited to unveil our new logo.

After four years, two world championships, and a ton of other iconic moments, we've decided to update our branding for the first time. We knew that it was incredibly important to not lose the spirit of the logo which accompanied us through all of our greatest moments, and we hope the final product is reflected as such.

The new logo cleans up some issues that we've had for some time:  

  • We've updated the colors of the logo to represent a more vibrant hue which will look better during broadcasts, on merchandise, and more.
  • We've updated the "star" shape in the middle to be more aligned and less crooked.
  • We've introduced a consistent line thickness, where our old logo had inconsistencies across different parts of it.
  • We've removed the tail on the U - seriously, what was the point of that?
  • We've corrected the spacing in the E to be more aligned.



Thanks for reading. We are hopeful that everyone is excited about the change, and we look forward to refreshing our merchandise selection soon utilizing the new logo. 


As always, 


John DeHart, Director of Marketing & Strategy