eUnited Rocket League Return To Pitch For RLCS Season 9

By: Zachary Lange

After nearly two months removed from professional competition, eUnited Rocket League returns to the pitch for Season 9 of the Rocket League Championship Series beginning Saturday.

In the team’s first full season of play since joining eUnited, the trio of Raul “Roll Dizz” Diaz, Jackson “ayjacks” Carter and Colby “hockser” James will play a total of nine series across the next eight weeks with the season opener set for a tilt against Cloud 9.

This season features a total of 10 teams in the highest tier of the pro league, an increase from eight in previous iterations. With the increase in teams comes a longer schedule, as well as last place auto relegating to the Rocket League Rivals Series for Season 10. What stays the same, however, is the goal of staying above the sixth-place cutoff in the standings to qualify for the Season 9 Regional Championship and earn a spot into the season finale later this year.

Entering the new season, Roll Dizz stressed that “confidence and trust” are two of the key factors in starting off on the right track.

“The learning curve, adjustments we have had to make as a team would be figuring out how to change our playstyle as a whole and using our strengths as a team to our advantages,” he said. “We have gone over replays to figure out what works the most consistent and practice every day to mimic that playstyle that complements our strengths.”

Matchups to watch out for across the slate of action include Ghost Gaming on Feb. 8 and NRG on Feb. 22. In a seven-game thriller during last season’s regionals, eUnited played the role of spoiler by keeping Ghost home for the winter as the decisive set to go to the world finals went the way of eU. The trio were eventually eliminated in the next set by foe NRG, who went on to capture the Season 9 Finals championship.

It’s a set that is circled on ayjacks’ calendar.

“Coming off of a world championship season, they are always a good team to learn from,” ayjacks said.

With recent roster moves that came in the offseason for Rogue, ayjacks also felt the team’s Feb. 29 bout between both sides will be interesting as it is uncertain of the team’s ceiling.

Regardless, with the length of the season and how drawn out action is, it’s imperative that the squad takes one game a time. Only once – on March 7 – will the team play two games in a single weekend of the regular season.

“Every week is so crazy and unpredictable,” ayjacks said. “For example, a team that may not be on par with everyone else could have a week where they pop off, and if we are overlooking them, they could hand us a loss that in reality should be a win.”

How to watch

All broadcasts will be live on the official Rocket League Twitch channel, with match play beginning at 3 p.m. Eastern each Saturday. A full schedule with tentative times can be found by clicking here.

eUnited’s season opener against Cloud 9 is set for 4 p.m. Eastern.

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