eUnited Rocket League Updates

eUnited is excited to announce that Jackson “Ayjacks” Carter has been re-signed to our starting Rocket League roster and we have signed a new head coach, Gregory “RawGreg” Alex.

Ayjacks originally joined the eUnited Rocket League roster in November of 2019 and has been a consistent leader through many iterations of #eURL. When asked about his decision to resign with eUnited, Ayjacks had this to say: 

“ I feel like we are taking steps to get back to where we feel we belong and Greg will help us reach our potential because he understands our squad really well and knows how to get through to us. I'm excited for this roster because we have all been grinding this offseason and we all know our goals. “


RawGreg is joining the #eURL roster as head coach to lend his experience and help the roster find success in the upcoming RLCS season. RawGreg is an experienced player and coach who has a history in the Rocket League scene dating back to 2017. Most recently, RawGreg was a player on the team “All Mid”. When asked about why he was excited to transition to coaching, and why he was excited to work with #eURL, RawGreg responded with:

The main thing that attracted me to this position originally was all of the individual players' raw potential and the opportunity to bring this organization back to the top of the North American Rocket League scene. I viewed it as an exciting new challenge with a group of supremely talented players. In only a short time here, the reason I am excited for this season has changed. Not only are they extremely skilled, they also possess a unique eagerness to learn and grow. Coming into an already established team could be daunting for sure, but the way these guys handle coaching and actively search for ways to improve has made me feel comfortable and right at home. Everyone in eUnited has welcomed me with open arms and pushes me every day to be the best coach I can be. I'm excited now because I know that as an entire organization we will continue to grind and fight to achieve both the short-term and long-term goals we have set for ourselves.“ 

General manager Matthew “Burns” Potthoff had this to say about these changes to our Rocket League roster:

“I'm ecstatic to welcome Greg into the eUnited organization as our new RL coach. Greg brings a very vocal and proactive stance to our team which I feel will benefit them on a daily basis to help us see improvements. Additionally, we have re-signed Ayjacks. Jackson has been with us since our first Rocket League rosters inception. I've been able to witness his growth as a player and person first hand over the last two years and truly feel this year he will make massive strides to hit his prime. He's a veteran, hard worker, and I'm eager to see him surpass his personal limits to elevate our system.”


eUnited looks forward to competing in the RLCS later this fall.