eUnited PUBG Make Additional Roster Changes

By: Zachary Lange 

Following an 11th place result at the 2018 PGI North American Qualifier, eUnited PUBG has made several roster changes.

As previously announced, Chris “Jimmur” Keith, the team’s former in-game leader (IGL), has been released. Taking his spot as eUnited’s new IGL is Jaden “Vegas” James, who rejoins the starting lineup after a rule change has been made to allow minors under the age of 18 to compete in all competitive PUBG events in the future.

In addition, eUnited have acquired two fresh faces in Taylor “TaylorJay” Johnson and Tom “PistolaTime” Banel who will take the place of James “Kaisuko” Flora and Jeffrey “Microfry” Gonzalez.

Formerly on The God Squad, TaylorJay and PistolaTime join eUnited coming off of a 9th place finish at the 2018 PGI NA Qualifier, where they ranked second in total team kills out of 20 teams.

Moving forward, eUnited PUBG will consist of Vegas, TaylorJay, PistolaTime and Andrew “GICE” Geisinger.

The changes made reflect eUnited’s effort to shift their gameplay towards a more aggressive playstyle with high octane fragging ability.

“When you think of high kill free agents, everyone on God Squad came up having the second most kills at the LAN,” Vegas said. “We started playing with everyone from that team and these were the two that our team gelled the most with.”

In recent competitive PUBG play, all teams have begun to make a shift towards high intensity gameplay with team kills becoming more significant to rack up crucial points in the standings. 

“Everyone just got better,” PistolaTime said. “You have to be smart and now you need to frag out because everyone has caught on to the meta.”

In practice, GICE stated that he has already seen the new four man roster begin to improve in overall ability and skill to kill the opposition while putting matters into their own hands.

“Going forward into the leagues, we’ll be able to turn everything around in terms of our playstyle being aggressive when we need to and actually winning our fights.” GICE said. “We have a lot more confidence in doing what we what want in the game. As opposed to playing around our enemies, we’re going to be able to control what’s happening by making the play we think is right.”

While there are no LAN tournaments scheduled in the immediate future, eUnited PUBG will continue to learn their new style in a variety of online pro leagues including the Global Loot League (GLL) and the Auzom Pro League in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, fans can watch the team split into two duos to participate in the GLL Duos Finals this Saturday, July 14 for a total prize pool of $10,000.