eUnited Joins Valorant!

After an explosive debut, the Valorant esports scene is squarely in eUnited's sights - and we've signed a team we're really excited to bring into the eUnited family. We are excited to once again join the Riot Games esports ecosystem.

Please welcome eUnited Valorant - 

Joseph "TurnUp" Sicre

Tanner "Scourge" Klages

Antonio "Showtime" Angotti

Ryan "Eazy" Matthews

Joseph "Joseph" Rivera

and analyst, Kyle "ToKacey" Stevens

We are very excited to enter the Valorant scene, and are excited to welcome back TurnUp to eUnited! TurnUp previously served on the eUnited Cadets Call of Duty developmental program, playing with former eUnited World Champion Chris "Simp" Lehr, Cellium and 2020 World Champion, iLLeY.