eUnited Highlights From Week 2 of Division B in the CWL Pro League

By: Zachary Lange

As the first two weeks of Division B come to a close in the CWL Pro League, eUnited find themselves sitting in a three-way tie for first place.

eUnited, 100 Thieves and Splyce all currently stand at 5-2 heading into CWL Fort Worth in two weeks. In all, it took some high octane gunskill in respawn game modes and some clutch kills in Search and Destroy to bag two crucial victories in Division B.

Here are the top three highlights from the second week of pro league action:

Preston hits the grav slam, beams two for S&D win

After a contested, Game 1 Hardpoint loss on Seaside, eUnited needed to gain momentum back in a hurry against Denial Esports.

Needing only one more round to close out the Search and Destroy on Frequency, Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson flashed his brilliance, picking up four kills and sealing the deal for eUnited.


After an opening pair of kills for the squad, the bomb is planted at the A site. From there, Denial manages to counter with a couple of kills of their own in the middle of the map.

As trades on both sides take place, Prestinni kills two (including teammate JKap) with his grav slam specialist and then successfully challenges two more gunfights, winning both and tying the series up in the process.

eUnited went on to defeat Denial 3-1.

Clayster deals damage with sniper and Saug

Looking to keep momentum after winning the first game Hardpoint against Splyce, James “Clayster” Eubanks busted out his reliable sniper to provide this clean, four kill round.

On the initial break to mid map, Clayster peaks to find one of the members of Splyce for the opening kill in the round. With the hot hand, Clayster re-challenges Splyce, finding a second body for a numbers advantage in the round.

Knowing the rest of the round may get up close and personal, Clayster picks up a Saug submachine gun off the floor to close out the round with another duo of kills.

Clay’s gritty performance in Search and Destroy sets up the top highlight of the week.

eUnited charms snakes, defeats Splyce in Hardpoint comeback

Needing only three more points to force a Game 5 Search and Destroy, Splyce held the back Hardpoint and were poised to close out the map. 



Luck happened to strike on the side of eUnited. A lightning strike scorestreak from Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson wiped three enemy players off of the map, sending them spawning across the map. The remaining two Splyce players are subsequently traded out for only the life of Clayster.

From there, a perfect hold was in play for the remaining 25 points that eUnited needed to take home the map and series victory. Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris led the squad with 27 kills.

After a couple weeks off, the team is back at it in Fort Worth, Texas on March 15 with $325,000 on the line.