eUnited Highlights From Week 1 of Division B in the CWL Pro League

By: Zachary Lange

If you thought that eUnited’s Call of Duty team might be a bit rusty after the long break away from competing, think again.

The squad went 3-1 in the first week of Division B action during the CWL Pro League, and are currently sitting in third place.

Here are the top three plays of the weekend:

Alec pops off with the Annihilator

Against Enigma 6 Group, Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson breaks out the Annihilator mid-map on Payload.

With the team up 5-1 in the Game 2 Search and Destroy, a three-piece with the revolver specialist by Arcitys put the game away for eUnited. remove this

After initially peeking with the Annihilator to the left of the A bomb site, Arcitys swings over to the right of the bomb and catches two players off guard, before spinning 90 degrees to his left for the third kill atop of the window overseeing the bomb.

eUnited went on to defeat Enigma 6, 3-0.

aBeZy goes huge with three kills to steal win from Thieves

Search and Destroy specialist Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris stepped up to the plate big time during the first week of the CWL Pro League. 

Against 100 Thieves to close out the week, eUnited found themselves in a Game 5 scenario on Frequency Search and Destroy. After 100 Thieves planted the bomb at the B bomb site, eUnited were down in numbers and in need of a hero play. aBeZy delivered. 


With the Saug submachine gun, aBeZy manages to pick off one player before deciding to push out and challenge two consecutive gunfights, winning them both. Teammate Jordan "JKap" Kaplan smartly reaches the bomb with just enough time to defuse before the round's end. 

The massive round by aBeZy set up our biggest play of the week.

JKap wins 1v1 to seal the deal for eUnited

The most exciting play in Call of Duty esports – Game 5, Round 11.

That’s what the best-of-five series came down to between eUnited and Excelerate, and JKap made sure to make the most of the opportunity.

The round starts with Excelerate planting the bomb at the B site with the two sides effectively trading out kills. After the dust settled, each side was left with one to win the round.

JKap instinctively uses the lighting strike scorestreak to pinpoint where the Excelerate player was on the map, and to force the opposition into having to challenge. After calling the enemy’s bluff, the wily veteran wins the gunfight and secures the win for eUnited.  

JKap picked up a total of three kills in the round, moving the team to 2-1 on the week at that point.

Next week, the team will play three more games in Division B.