eUnited Call of Duty Looks To Maintain Momentum in CWL Pro League Play

By: Zachary Lange

eUnited Call of Duty will look to maintain momentum when they take the stage against Splyce after a Game 5 win versus Enigma 6 Group on Tuesday. 

Finding themselves in a two-way tie at 9-3 for first place in Division B of the CWL Pro League, the squad will need to keep racking up wins to stay above the fourth-place cutoff that automatically qualifies them into the CWL Pro League Playoffs in Miami on July 19-21. Currently, eUnited have a comfy advantage over fifth place Team EnVy, who stand at 7-6 respectively.

With seven matches scheduled to play in the next two weeks, there’s one date that is especially marked on the calendar for the squad – Monday, June 3. eUnited will be looking to exact revenge on their competitors 100 Thieves in a rematch of the grand finals at London.

“Team wise I want to play 100T again just because of how CWL London went down,” said Saug player Chris “Simp” Lehr. “I definitely think we can play them in a closer series than we did previously.”

A team right on the trail of the leaders in the standings, Team Heretics, will also be on the team’s radar according to James “Clayster” Eubanks. Other teams near the bottom of the standings who have made recent changes to their respective starting rosters will also need to be kept in check.

“I'm excited to get back to Columbus to play CoD on LAN again,” Clayster said. “I love playing this game on LAN with my team, so I'm just really looking forward to the last leg of our division.”

Recently, Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson has transitioned into the role of running the Maddox submachine gun for the team. Since the arrival of Simp last month, Prestinni has been able to move to a role where he’s learning to slow the pace of his play down, pinching down lanes of the map that lead to running behind enemy lines to pick up kills and spawning out the opposition away from the objective.

The new role has also come with a new specialist ability, as Prestinni is now in charge of running Prophet with the powerful Tempest sniper.

“We know we’re as good as anyone else and if we fix tiny mistakes I think we have the talent to win the last few events,” Prestinni said. “A tough task with how much talent there is but it’s doable.”

With a playoff push imminent, eUnited’s uptick in performance couldn’t have come at a better time as the crucial summer stretch consisting of CWL Anaheim, pro league playoffs and the world championship creep into the picture. Expectations are high, and now is the time to deliver.

“We're vibing extremely hard since Sunday at London, and we've kept that fire going into practice,” he said. “We will be scrimming, beating a team 200-50, and someone makes a mistake and everyone hounds them for it. It's the strive for perfection and I'm finally happy to say we're at a point where that's what the goal is – perfection.”

Additional notes and nuggets

10-2: The record for the team in Search and Destroy across all matches at CWL London. The team also went 8-8 in Hardpoint and 5-5 in Control for a 23-15 record overall.

1.45: Simp’s adjusted kill-death ratio across 38 maps at CWL London, ranking first among all participants in the pro league. Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson sported a 1.14 aKD, which was good enough for 10th overall.

10: The number of matches left for eUnited in the CWL Pro League. After defeating Enigma 6, the team will continue by playing six matches in the next two weeks, they will return to Columbus after CWL Anaheim to finish the remaining four matches in cross-division play.


Here is a breakdown of this week’s schedule:

eUnited def. Enigma 6, 3-2 – Tuesday
eUnited vs. Splyce – Wednesday, 6 p.m. Eastern
eUnited vs. EnVy – Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Eastern

All matches can be viewed live on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel.