eUnited Acquires European Battlerite Squad

By: Zachary Lange

eUnited is pleased to announce a new addition to our PC gaming roster in the emerging esport Battlerite.

Benjamin “Srymea” D., Gabriel “Xqkfuu” F. and Tim “Naraga” J. have been signed to participate under the eUnited banner.

“I have been watching the Battlerite scene for a while,” said eUnited Co-General Manager Dan Clerke. “This is a game I am very excited to get into and help grow. It is extremely well made and competitively viable. The team we have picked up (formerly BioSyn) are unquestionably talented and I believe we will go very far in competition.”

Battlerite is a free-to-play battle arena where teams of three members work together to eliminate the other trio with the first to five rounds winning the game. The Battlerite Pro League (BPL), is set to start on April 28 with eUnited participating in the European region that begins on April 29.

The Battlerite team will be our only current European roster, with Naraga hailing from the Netherlands and the duo of Srymea and Xqkfuu residing in Corsica, a small island near France.

“I'm happy to sign with eUnited as a player,” Naraga said. “I hope this will enable us, both as individuals and as a team, to be pushed to the next level in competitive Battlerite. With this new step in our careers we will aim to reach LAN and hopefully assert our mark on the esport scene.”

In the BPL there are eight teams split into two groups of four. eUnited will play each opponent in their group twice for a total of six matches. If eUnited were to place in the top-2 of the European region, they will be invited to participate in a LAN event at DreamHack Summer in Sweden for $25,000.

All matches will be streamed live on, and all results from eUnited can be found on our website or all social media platforms.