Cosplay, Ping Pong and More Highlights Smash Ultimate Summit 2

By: Zachary Lange 

A fun-filled weekend for 16 Smash: Ultimate players at Smash Ultimate Summit 2 resulted in a runner-up finish for Ezra “Samsora” Morris.

Held in Los Angeles, Smash Ultimate Summit 2 featured a variety of activities for a host of top-rated players in the Smash community, concluding with a standard, double-elimination bracket with a partially crowdfunded prize pool of approximately $50,000.

Play in the only serious competition on the weekend for Samsora began Friday, as he defeated Marss and RFang in pool play to advance to the winners side of the final bracket.

A winners bracket run Saturday and Sunday would see the Peach main all the way through to the grand finals on the winners side of the bracket. Samsora defeated Tea, Dabuz, MKLeo and Nairo across the final two days to secure a spot in the finale.

As only fate would have it, the grand finals of the event featured a familiar sight – Samsora versus MKLeo – for the fourth time in a major tournament since June. Heading into the grand finals at Summit 2, MKLeo led Samsora 2-1 in head-to-head matchups, winning at Smash N’ Splash 5 and Super Smash Con 2019. Samsora, however, claimed his first major tournament victory with a win over MKLeo at Shine 2019.

The finale didn’t end up in favor of the Peach main, with MKLeo taking two-consecutive sets by a final of 3-0 to earn the title of Summit 2 champion. Samsora is now 1-3 in grand finals at major tournaments against the Joker main.

Samsora’s second-place finish at Summit 2 bests his performance from the first iteration of Smash Ultimate Summit, where he finished fourth in March.

Throughout the weekend, Samsora and fellow competitors participated in a variety of activities. Here are some of his best moments on the weekend:

Samsora passes lie detector test with flying colors

Strapped with a black monitor around his chest to measure heart rate, Samsora was peppered by host Coney on a variety of questions that related to Smash and more.

While he did say one lie, we’ll attribute it to a false positive.

Talent show cosplay

In order to play a princess, you have to become the princess.

That’s what Samsora did for his talent show presentation, cosplaying as Princess Peach and showing off her famous moves.

Say hello to your new queen.

Ping pong battle

Four teams played in a fierce ping pong competition, with team “3 Girls, 1 Fox” coming out on top. Samsora was joined by MuteAce, Leffen and Armada in the ping pong event, and while they were the winners, the level of play wasn’t exactly as top tier as their Smash gameplay.

Samsora’s next major tournament is DreamHack Atlanta on Nov. 17-19.