So You Want To Work For eUnited, huh?

We are always looking for staff through conventional means as well as our internship program.

At eUnited, one of our closest core values is growing our talent. We take chances on our players because we see their potential, and we do the same with our staff. Whether it be volunteers or salaried employees, much of our staff came to eUnited with not much more than passion, and grew into the well-oiled machines they are today.  We are excited also about our internship program, that will connect students to our esports professionals and help to cultivate their talent and abilities and grow them into important pieces of our organization. 

I started out with eUnited close to inception, with little esports experience, and convinced Burns and Clerkie to give me a shot. Now, months later, we have daily meetings going over media content and direction, graphic design, and of course our website. We were also able to expand my team beneath me to get others involved with the company, and I am really proud of the team we built. - mediaBRUTE, Media Director

We're always looking for our next superstar, whether it's a player, a social media specialist, a graphic designer, or a coach. Join the team and #StandUnited as we grow. Send your resume and cover letter to or fill out the below form. Please be sure to put the position you are interested in applying for in the subject line.