eUnited Acquires 99 Problems PUBG Roster

By: Zachary Lange

As the holiday season approaches, eUnited looks to have chicken as their dinner of choice with the addition of a new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds roster.

eUnited is proud to welcome Andrew “GICE” Geisinger, Chris “JimmurTV” Keith, Jaden “Vegas” James and Tony “TonyV” Vargas to the organization in an expedition into one of the fastest growing titles currently on the market. In addition, Timothy “Caymus” Kimbirk as a team advisor.

eUnited Co-General Manager Dan Clerke cited the immense potential of PUBG as a focal point of the addition.

“I am thrilled to add PUBG to the roster of eUnited titles,” Clerke said. “The growth this game has shown over the last nine months has been astounding and I am excited to see if it translates to esports.”

Preceding eUnited, the team played under the 99 Problems banner where they most recently participated in the 2017 December Curse Trials event. Before the team participated in events as a squad with the addition of Vegas and TonyV, the longstanding duo of JimmurTV and GICE participated in events across the globe, being invited to events such as ESL Cologne.

“Our chemistry is really like bread and butter,” said GICE about his long-term partner. “We’ve grown to be really good friends during our time playing together. In game it’s like we have the same mind when it comes to big decisions and on our smaller plays we don’t miss a beat following up with each other.”

“GICE is the only long-term competitive player I have had the pleasure of playing with,” JimmurTV said. “Our chemistry is natural at this point. We have so many hours in the game together that it’s safe to say we know what each other are thinking in every scenario and what the other is likely to do.”

While competitive PUBG is only in the beginning phases, it has already shown massive popularity, with over two million concurrent players online this past October. What is the biggest difference between casual and competitive play? Rotation and timing to get into the circle according to TonyV,

“The biggest differences is the timing and rotation plays a huge part, and the smallest mistake can sometimes cost the team,” TonyV said.

Vegas added that another integral part of the game is working with what you have.

“The main key to success in high level competitive PUBG is map rotation,” Vegas said. “You need to understand and learn to play the game with low amounts of loot. A big reason we have success is because we rotate early and don’t get caught driving mid rotation. It is very important to get prime positioning in the circle.

“If we get to the best spot first we can kill the teams that try and take the compound and end up with high amounts of loot.”

Moving forward as a full team, the squad has pretty lofty expectations.

“I always hold myself to high expectations and hold the teams I play with to similar expectations,” JimmurTV said. “While other rosters have been playing together for longer periods of time, I still know we are able to compete toe-to-toe with any roster out there. Our team being so new together means that we have a lot of room to improve and grow.

“Knowing the potential this roster has and with some time, I know we can be the top team in NA and a top team globally.”

“Since Jimmur and I have been through the ringer of trying out people and swapping our roster for months; I can safely say I’m beyond enthusiastic with our new teammates,” GICE said. “We have quickly shown that we can produce results together in very little time playing and have immense potential to grow.”

In speaking about the move to eUnited, TonyV was candid about what this new home means.

“It’s a huge turning point for my life,” TonyV said. “I have a strong passion for this game and for an organization like eUnited to give me the chance to do what I love means everything to me. It’s truly a dream come true and I will continue to grow as a player and help my team be the best they can be.”

While the new additions settle in, go ahead ring the bell, because dinner is soon to be served.