eUnited Launches Cadet Program; Signs Top SnD Squad

By: John DeHart

eUnited is proud to announce that it is fortifying its commitment to success and goal of being recognized as one of the best COD WWII teams by launching the eUnited Cadet program. The eU Cadets will consist of 4 up and coming talented players who have seen numerous amounts of success in their online career. This team will represent eUnited in not only online SnD tournaments but more importantly be a dedicated practice partner to our top ranked Professional Call of Duty team.

The Cadet roster consists of Simp, Cellium, iLLeYY and TurnUp, four Under-18 competitive Call of Duty players. The extremely talented group of young players recently won the UMG Events $10,000 Memorial Search and Destroy online tournament, defeating notable teams such as Lethal Gaming, OpTic Gaming, and, yes,  even eUnited.  While they have established themselves as a top team in the online tournament scene, the group are also active on Twitch and YouTube as content creators.

eUnited General Manager and Call of Duty Coach Matthew “Burns” Potthoff believes that the Cadets have gun skills and strategies rival that of other pro teams:

“I’m excited to work the best upcoming talent in their age group. Simp, iLLeY, Cellium, and TurnUp show a ton of promise & raw talent skill. I’m hoping this relationship allows their brand to blossom in an accelerated fashion being apart of eUnited. Our focus is to help them grow, give them insight on being involved with a professional organization, and helping them mature into future superstars.”

New Cadet TurnUp was excited about joining eUnited:

“When Simp first told me the idea of eUnited wanting to pick us up for their SND team for the WW2 season, I was psyched. eUnited has always caught my attention with them being a goofy, but professional organization compared to others. I think this idea will also change the way people view the SND community as a whole and it will greatly benefit eUnited and the COD community in general. I’m very excited to have received this opportunity to work with eUnited to show the community what a structured SND team looks like. “

The team’s captain Simp had this to add:

“I think the opportunity itself is amazing, not only does it help us out tremendously, it also helps eUnited out so it’s great in general. Joining eUnited is an honor and I couldn’t be more psyched because as soon as the organization got into the community, it has been the one that I’ve found the most interesting. Since we aren’t eligible for CWL and can’t compete for a few more years, I think this is an amazing opportunity for us to showcase our talents with an organization.”

Coming off its first 2k win of the season on Monday, the eUnited Pro Team is now hard at work preparing for competition in Group D at CWL Dallas.