eUnited Gears Finishes Third at NYC Regional, Moves Forward to Dallas

By: Zachary Lange

On November 11-12, the eUnited Gears team took to the Big Apple to compete for $25,000 in prizes at the Gears Esports Fall Regionals.

After a strong run through the open bracket, eUnited fell to OpTic Gaming in the Winners Semifinal and Ghost Gaming in the Losers Finals, securing a third place finish.

It was the first LAN tournament for the new team-of-five, who hope to use this regional event as a springboard to more success at the Gears Dallas Open on December 1-3.

“The past couple weeks and month leading up to the NYC Regional we have made the most progress and learned the most as a team than we have since we formed under this roster,” said Chris “Lava” Anderson. “It’s showed in the past couple of tournaments (online MLG 2k tournaments) with our consistent top-four placings and finals appearance after beating Ghost Gaming 2-0 in semifinals. This is the most comfortable I’ve been on a team in a long time and my teammates say the same, and it really shows now as we are coming together right before the season kicks off in Dallas.”

One of the biggest obstacles the team faced at the regional event was maintaining the in-game focus while playing against some of the best competition due to a long intermission, something that Ryan “Wildebeast” Gant says can be overcome in the future.

“The most challenging part for our first LAN together was actually having the proper energy when facing the top teams (Ghost and Optic),” Wildebeast said. “We sadly sat for a long time before playing both of them and we started off slowly which hurt us. We will be better on this going forward.”

For Tommy “Dispensa” Dispensa, it’s a matter of fixing the small stuff to reap big rewards by utilizing film to improve.

“Main takeaway from Dallas was that we need to fix the little things like small talk and playing advantages correctly if we want to beat teams like Ghost and OpTic,” Dispensa said. “Going into Dallas we need to be consistent as far as doing the fundamentals right, in doing so we need to watch film to really pinpoint where we need to fix our mistakes during the rounds of every series for next time.”

In Michael “Zerpting” Rodriguez’s case, the ultimate objective for Dallas is to have the highest success in his career, and with this roster he is confidence that will be the case.

“My goal for Dallas is to place higher than my previous placings,” Zerpting said. “I feel confident with my new team and can push myself to play even harder.”

With the team this close to reaching consistent success, Kevin “Soto” Soto said that the teams that eUnited will be preparing for most are OpTic, Ghost, Echo Fox and Allegiance and a couple of underdogs in Dallas.

“A team that caught by surprise was Fire N’ Ice and X-Hite,” Soto said. “They both played pretty good at the regional, let’s see if they can play like that or better at the major.”

Coverage of the Gears Dallas Open can be found on all of eUnited’s social media platforms and Gears of War twitch channel.