eUnited Continues Domination of SMITE Fall Split

By: Zachary Lange

The train continues to roll for eUnited SMITE, as they picked up their fifth win against Allegiance on Sunday in the Season 4 Fall Split and remain unblemished in total map count at 10-0.

Through only four of the five weeks in the split, eUnited have already eclipsed their map victories from last split (eight) and have only two more matches remaining in the conquest to obtain a perfect split.

As a former player for ALG, the victory was a bit sweeter for Mike “PolarBearMike” Heiss.

“Everyone wants to beat their former teams and teammates, it’s just part of being competitive,” PolarBearMike said. “This victory was even a bit more satisfying because they actually 2-0’d us in the summer split, so it was a bit of revenge and the fall split is by far the most important so I was really happy with the boys.”

One of the keys to success has been the addition of Brandon “Venenu” Casale. The high octane midlaner continues to excel with eUnited, picking up crucial slays in team fights and allowing the team more options in choosing different gods at the beginning of the game.

“The addition of Venenu has also helped a ton because he has added a lot of flexibility in our drafts and his god pool has been perfect for us all split,” PolarBearMike said.

Venenu attributed the success of the team to the overall chemistry of the team, often playing with PolarBearMike in ranked play in the days in between competitive matches.

“The key ingredient of success of the team so far is keeping the morale high and everyone happy,” Venenu said. “We are a bunch of hard heads when it comes to new things that happen, but in the end we love to keep everything positive and keep the grind going. Friendship is key in all teams I believe, and keeping your mind open to new ideas is very good as well.”

Another point of emphasis this split has been increased team communication during matches led in part by Lucas “Scream” Spracklin, which he attributes to playing in his second split with PolarBearMike, another main shot caller.

“I feel like me and Mike’s communication has increased being the 2nd split we have played together and it has brought a lot of success because we understand how each other want to play and it makes games a lot easier to control from my point of view,” Scream said.

“I’d say the main thing that has led to our success is Scream’s maturity over the split in terms of working with his teammates better and dominating games,” PolarBearMike said. “It took us a couple months for him and myself to kind of get on the same page and know how to call objectives and play the map with one another but ever since that clicked we’ve been feeling really confident.”

As the split comes to a close, a key matchup against Luminosity next weekend to close out the split will prove crucial to the team’s hope in reaching perfection. While some may choose to ignore the thoughts of a perfect record, Scream and company have used the potential result as fuel to the fire.

“With our dominate play we like to keep our heads cool in practice and learn how to improve over time, we like to embrace the fact of possibly having a perfect split,” Scream said.

eUnited will look to continue their winning ways on Thursday when they face Team Vigilant.