SMITE Recap: eUnited vs SpaceStation Gaming

By: Rondez Green 

The eUnited SMITE roster finds themselves with a victory in Week 1 of the Smite Pro League Fall Split as they defeat SpaceStation Gaming 2-0 in their best-of-three series. Benji, Scream, Venenu, PolarBearMike, and PandaCat joined forces against a handful of SMITE all-stars to put on not only a spectacular display of their talents, but also a test of their potential with the latest acquisition of Venenu.

SpaceStation took to the god Artio in this matchup against the eUnited squad, however it still resulted in Scream and PandaCat blazing through Game 1 with perfect KDAs backed by a healthy 29 assists from the remainder of the eUnited roster. In Game 2, eUnited locks in a composition that could provoke a few eyebrow raises with the final pick of Nox for Venenu. With much of the damage relying on this god, we reached out to players for a few comments on this match and their mindset throughout it.

Fox: Loading in to a game against a newly-formed team of all-stars, how does your mindset or preparation differ from a typical matchup?

PandaCat: Mindset is the same for every team we play against. The title of a team doesn’t mean anything to me, and I prepare for everyone as if they were the best this game has ever seen. Doesn’t matter if you’re the first seed or the last, once I’m against you all I see is a god name, not a player’s name.

Venenu: Loading into the game, we’re very confident as we did our homework on what we thought SSG was going to do. We put in the same amount of work to SSG as we would do any team. Studying and doing homework on all teams before the game starts is very important as we change strategies for every team.
Fox: As the newest pickup in the midlane for eUnited, what are some adjustments in-game or out of game you’ve had to make to fit in to this roster?

Venenu: When I first joined the team I was very nervous as I respected every player on the team and their opinions. Initially, I didn’t really like to put my opinion on what gods I should play and just let them pick it for me. The more and more I played with the boys I started to enforce my opinion on certain god picks. This ended up helping a lot since it allowed the other players to focus on their own picks instead of doing theirs and mine.

Fox: With SpaceStation acquiring ScaryD and Zapman, but the 3v3 core of SpaceStation Gaming staying the same, what sort of a weakness of a new roster was your team looking to exploit?

PandaCat: We weren’t really looking to exploit anything, we had a game plan or an idea coming into the game which was just play like we do and we’ll win. No reason to over think things and complicate situations when you can just simply outdo your opponents.

Fox: With your composition in Game 2, what kind of pressure did you feel when locking in Nox for the match?

Venenu: When we locked in Nox I just knew that I had to hit everything to make the god work. With a character like Nox you have to have everyone talking and communicating there CC so I can follow up properly. If everyone is not on point that day it is very hard to make Nox work.

Fox: Was the result of Game 1 as expected? What was the conversation like within the team after delivering such a decisive victory?

PandaCat: Between my teammates and myself the result was expected, but between a majority of the people who voted the result was more of an upset than an expectation. Teaming with a bunch of trolls all I heard was funny comments which I won’t mention here, and then the serious authoritative, “alright, focus up on the next game and let’s get this 2-0 boys”

Studious and confident are some of the best words to describe the team this week. As the eUnited SMITE roster welcomes Venenu and enters the SMITE Pro League Fall Split, you can expect a follow-up as the team works hard to cruise through the competition.