Khaos Retires, Venenu Joins eUnited Smite

By: Zachary Lange 

A new member of the Gods squad has descended following the retirement of veteran Alexander “Khaos” Greenstein.

eUnited’s new mid laner is Brandon “Venenu” Casale, a seasoned player who has been involved in competitive Smite since Season 2 of the Smite Pro League Challenger Cup. During his playing career, Venenu has been a part of team such as Allegiance and Oxygen Supremacy, helping ALG place fifth in the Season 3 Fall Split of the Smite Pro League. His role in the mid lane is crucial to the success of the squad, supporting the jungler in efforts to tilt the game in the team’s favor.

“I really help support my jungle and I don’t play with a (support-like) style,” Venenu said. “How I play and my decisions really help the jungle dominate.”

Teammate Mike “PolarBearMike” Heiss commended Venenu on his flexibility, stating that his ability to also play the role of ADC will give eUnited some ambiguity during the drafting of characters and in the picks and bans phase of the match.

“He is always thinking of new picks and strategies to try out in practice and it gives our team that extra edge when preparing for our matches,” PolarBearMike said.

“He has more flexibility in terms of god pool and picks than previous teammates,” said teammate and solo laner Ben “Benji” McKinzey.

As Season 4 Fall Spilt of the Smite Pro League approaches, the team is perfecting their game with their new teammate and keeping the mood light while doing so.

“I am definitely really excited for the team’s future moving forward with Venenu,” PolarBearMike said. “He was already friends with people on the team and ever since picking him up we’ve had a productive team environment and we have all had a lot of fun playing together.”

“To have full support from your teammates brings a lot to a new player joining,” Venenu said. “For me personally it brings trust and trust for me I believe is the best thing you can have on a team.”

Filling the shoes of Khaos will be tough. As a player, he took home first place during the Season 3 Spring Spilt and third in the Smite Masters 2016 as a member of Enemy. After Enemy was merged into the eUnited family, his success continued as he most recently claimed fourth in the summer split.

Now, Khaos will have a new role on the inside of the Smite community as a gameplay developer for Hi-Rez Studios, but he will miss the team that he considers his most successful in his playing career.

“Choosing to leave was, and forever will be, one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make because I love them all,” Khaos said. “I left the best team I’ve ever been on to pursue something else in life. I know they’ll do phenomenal.”

Khaos recollected on his professional career and offered his outlook on the future of eUnited Smite.

“What I will miss most about competitive Smite was the thrill alone of playing to win in a big stadium with teammates I love and have worked hard with,” Khaos said. “I love all my fans, I loved the cheering, the roaring, the excitement of the crowd and the people back home. I’ve had believers and haters throughout my entire amateur career, but the feeling of really making it and making a difference is indescribable.

“Being a pro isn’t just about playing a video game, it’s about living out your dream. I got to do that and I couldn’t have been happier. I thank eUnited and Enemy for giving me some of the best years of my life and everyone on my team for supporting each other for so many years. You guys are going to take worlds in strides and I’m excited as hell to watch it happen.”

For the rest of the team, anticipation for the fall split is building as they move forward with a new addition in place. In the eyes of Venenu, this is an opportunity to grow as a player and prove that eUnited is here to compete.

“For the team we hope to be top-two as we’re all 100 percent committed and want to be the best we can at all times,” Venenu said. “We have been working really hard to become the best, and with time we believe we’ll all mesh very well and be the best in North America.”

Season 4 Fall Split of the Smite Pro League is set to take place later this year.