eUnited x ASTRO Gaming: The Stars Have Aligned

(Encino, CA) eUnited is extremely proud to welcome a new member to our family: ASTRO Gaming.

ASTRO is a world-renowned brand in esports, and one we have been interested to work with from the beginning. Providers of high quality headsets, the innovator of the esports mainstay ASTRO MixAmp Pro, as well as other high quality apparel and bags, our players have always preferred ASTRO gear as their brand of choice. It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to work with a brand that our rosters so firmly believe in.


“This is basically the definition of a mutually beneficial partnership,” says eUnited’s Creative Director, John “mediaBRUTE” DeHart. “ASTRO provides our rosters with the best audio equipment in esports while the top tier eUnited rosters provide valuable input regarding the future development of ASTRO Headsets. Our creative direction also parallels that of ASTRO’s, and organic brand synergy as strong as this is not something that comes along often. We are super excited to work with ASTRO.”

This week, eUnited battles on two sides of the contiguous United States: the eUnited League of Legends team is grinding hard for their LCS promotion matches and have benefitted greatly with the use of their new ASTRO gear. Meanwhile, the eUnited Call of Duty team is in Orlando, Florida for the Call of Duty World Championship. Veteran superstar James “Clayster” Eubanks had this to say about the partnership:

ASTRO has been the pinnacle of gaming audio for many years now, and I’m excited to be teaming up with them to provide the best audio experience to our team.”

For eUnited and ASTRO Gaming, one thing is clear: the stars have aligned. Check out ASTRO Gaming: