eUnited Turns Attention to CWL Championship After Stage 2 Playoffs

By: Zachary Lange

In a tightly contested Stage 2 Playoffs weekend of the CWL Global Pro League, eUnited fell short of the grand finals after being defeated by OpTic Gaming 2-3 in a best-of-five series, finishing in third place.

eUnited began the weekend with a convincing 3-1 victory over Enigma 6 Group and followed that performance with a 3-0 sweep of OpTic Gaming in the winner’s bracket matchup, forcing OpTic to the loser’s bracket.

On Sunday, eUnited fell just short of playoff finale after losing to Team EnVyUs and OpTic.

“This weekend went well for the most part,” said Justin “SiLLy” Fargo. “We just need to come out stronger on Sunday and we’ll be a very hard team to beat.”

While there are many positives to take away from the weekend, and a top-three performance to take home, not joining nV in the grand finals was a bitter pill to swallow for James “Clayster” Eubanks.

“It was far more disappointing (than satisfying placing top-three and going deep into the tournament) to not get into the grand finals,” Clayster said. “We put ourselves in the best position possible and came out flat against nV, and then lost two Search and Destroy’s plus an Uplink versus OpTic to get knocked out. We were the best team in the tournament on Friday and Saturday and we just need to work on getting that consistency into Championship Sunday.”

“I feel like we played amazing Friday and especially Saturday,” said Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson. “Everyone played amazing and we were clicking on all cylinders, and then Sunday happened and we just weren’t winning gun fights versus nV and we felt down on ourselves it felt like.”

With the 2017 Call of Duty World League Championship just a short time away, the team will look to improve on Search and Destroy, while making minor adjustments in respawn game modes.

“If we can take one Search and Destroy, we will take both Hardpoints versus any team we play,” said Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson. “I believe we can even take the Uplink as well. We’re pretty strong in every respawn, just some minor issues, the big issues are mainly in Search and Destroy.”

One major adjustment is the implementation of in-depth strategies crafted by Clayster. With his addition to the team, in-game positioning and communication have been dramatically elevated, with time spent together the major factor in an even larger improvement for the team.

“We’re starting to have a lot more strategies we can pull out of our playbook,” Clayster said. “Default setups with rotational plays depending on the information gained. It’s definitely a lot different than when I first joined the team and it’s nice to see the guys all really commit to remembering and executing strategies.”

After Pro League Finals, the team spent a week in Los Angeles, California for a week of training at the ULTesports LAN Center for preparation before flying to Orlando, Florida for the CWL Championship. In addition to training in-game, the team went through team building exercises outside of the game to fully encompass what being a teammate is all about.

“(With the trip to LA) we’re all together getting to watch VOD’s (video on demand) together and hang out,” Arcitys said.

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