eUnited Looks to Turn Heads In Gears Season 2

By: Zachary Lange

After a top-12 performance at the MLG Las Vegas Open, eUnited looked to retool their lineup in preparation for Season 2 of the Gears Pro Circuit.

By adding the veteran presence of Ryan “Wildebeast” Grant and Chris “Affinity” Curren as well as the flex support of Kevin “Soto” Soto, the team looks to use the offseason as a time to practice and prepare to face top competition later this year.

For Wildebeast, the release of Gears of War 4 marked his return in the scene after a five year absence. He picked up right where he left off, attending tournaments with various teams all while rekindling his love and passion for competitive Gears of War. On eUnited, Wildebeast is the main in game leader, veteran mind and lead strategic developer alongside his teammates.

“I love having Wildebeast on the team because he helps me in situations I don’t think I can get out of and tells me what I can fix,” said Michael “Zerpting” Rodriguez, a 16-year-old slayer and competitive Gears newcomer.

“We are now a more teamwork-oriented and organized team with Wildebeast as the main in game leader and Soto and I helping him with that when needed,” said Christopher “Lava” Anderson, a six-time champion in competitive Gears.

Helping out Wildebeast is Soto, who has been described by his teammates as a player who can do it all. Previously on Enigma 6 Group, Soto looks to transition to a flex role with eUnited, helping out where needed and creating energy for the team at tournaments.

“I think he is really skilled and smart so he brings a lot the team,” Zerpting said. “And he is usually the guy to get everyone hype so that’s very helpful in big match ups.”

“The role I have on this eUnited team is I’m the second voice behind our in game leader Wildebeast,” Soto said.

Behind the team is the coaching support of Affinity, who is a long-time veteran of the competitive Gears scene, attending tournaments since the first Gears of War. After his long playing career, Affinity looks forward to transitioning into a coaching role where he has already seen a lot of progress from the team.

“The wealth of experience on the team let us play methodically aggressive with the explosive skill to back up our aggressive plays,” Affinity said.

When asked about the leadership both Wildebeast and Affinity bring to the table, Tommy “Dispensa” Dispensa stated that the veterans, “help our roster in a sense of direction and organization.”

To stay sharp during the offseason, the team has continued to practice daily, while analyzing film and streams of other teams to pick up on in game tendencies.

“To stay focused during this competitive lull, we’ve put a heavy emphasis on being goal-oriented instead of result-oriented,” Affinity said. “This has made it so we always have something to strive for whether it be through playing or reviewing film. In my opinion, film is an underutilized resource in Gears of War, so spending time on it daily is something I’ve tried setting as the standard.

“This gives us something productive to do even while some other teams are taking time off.”

When Season 2 begins, eUnited will have their eyes set on defeating the best of the Pro Circuit, such as OpTic Gaming and Echo Fox. The team agreed that through everything, one main ingredient needed to be present in order to defeat top teams. Consistency.

“It’s consistency,” Wildebeast said. “You have to put in the work, you have to go through the ups and downs and you have to be ready to grind.”

“To beat the top teams in Gears right now, you have to be practiced and consistent with loads of chemistry between all teammates,” Lava said. “We have already shown our potential to be great in many scrimmages since we picked up Wildebeast and Soto and we know we already have what it takes to beat these top two teams, just not consistently yet.”

Until the next tournament, eUnited will look to stay focused and keep their eyes on the prize in the hopes to bring home a major tournament victory.

“It feels great knowing that we progress every day and we still have so much time to keep improving before Season 2 starts,” Zerpting said. “We are all excited to keep working on our mistakes and play every day coming into Season 2.”

“We’ve been practicing together a little while now and I’ve seen glimpses of greatness where were unstoppable,” Dispensa said. “And with hard work and effort we can achieve the consistent team dynamic we’ve always know we can have to bring home a championship.”