eUnited Qualifies for the CWL Global Pro League Stage Two Playoffs

Story by Cameron DeRuyte

eUnited is back.

This past weekend, the new eUnited Call of Duty team made their first appearance at a LAN event in the third week of the CWL Global Pro League Stage Two. In a weekend that faced eUnited in the shadow of adversity, nobody knew what to expect. What we got as fans is what we wanted – eUnited cruising to a first place finish in what many were calling the “Pool of Death.”

Since Clayster first joined the team, the speculation around his fit with the eUnited trio has been a dominant talking point in the eSports realm. Where some saw the playstyles too different and therefore an impossible chemistry to solidify in just three weeks, others saw it as a team that would fit together perfectly right from the beginning.

The latter proved correct as the eUnited we saw this past weekend is one that looks groomed to dominate the competitive Call of Duty leaderboards. With all-star performances by each member, unbelievable comebacks, and convincing blowouts, the new eUnited Call of Duty team crushed their competition this past weekend, nearly sweeping their way to the top of Group Yellow.

“After a dominant weekend like that, it honestly puts our confidence level really high as a team,” says Justin “SiLLY” Fargo. “We feel great heading into our next couple of events as a team.”

James “Clayster” Eubanks signing memorabilia for fans

A look at eUnited in the CWL Global Pro League Stage Two Week 3:

It all began on Friday.

To start off the group, eUnited matched up against Rise Nation, a team thirsty for victory after just falling short of the Stage One Playoff qualifications. As these two teams had never faced each other before, it could go either way.

It was Rise Nation that came out strong in Retaliation Hardpoint, easily securing an 85 point lead over an eUnited that couldn’t seem to get anything going for them. With their early struggles, it seemed as if the boys would drop their first LAN map as a team. However, when the second rotation began, eUnited completely turned their game around, bringing things back and taking a close 250 – 246 victory. What followed was a tight Throwback S&D win in round 11 and a 9 – 4 Frost Uplink loss due to a late game rally by Loony and the boys in red.

Breakout Hardpoint started the same as Retaliation, eUnited digging themselves a bigger hole than before as Rise Nation built a 120 point lead after just the first rotation. Just like before, it was eUnited that climbed their way back and took the map, and the series, with a 250 – 175 point win.

With shaky performances by the eUnited squad during the series, it was still unknown whether this was a team that would match the same dominance that they had when they stormed into the scene at CWL Atlanta.

That doubt disappeared as we saw eUnited square up against the Stage One Champions, Splyce, who many said would be eUnited’s most dangerous challenger of the weekend. Although the team hasn’t had too much difficulty when playing against Splyce in the past, the recent dominance that the European squad has shown is enough to frighten any team put on the mainstage against them.

Unlike their match against Rise Nation, though, eUnited came out firing this series, taking a 250 – 117 Hardpoint win on Breakout. With this momentum, the boys looked to take a 2 – 0 series lead on Throwback S&D, but came short and dropped the map 6 – 4.

Moving into Presinct Uplink, eUnited erupted. With all-star performances between SiLLy and Clayster, going positive 29 between the both of them, eUnited dominated the map and came out with a 17 – 6 point victory.

However, the real statement was made on Scorch Hardpoint when eUnited steamrolled over Splyce in a 250 – 50 point victory, the boys outslaying their opponents by 39 kills and taking the 3 – 1 series win, ending 2 – 0 on the first day.

On Saturday, we saw another first for eUnited as the day started off with the boys taking their first loss on LAN, going all the way down to game five against Red Reserve with a tough 6 – 5 loss on Throwback. The series itself was a battle for both squads, each game with only a few points separating the winner from the defeated, but in the end the Europeans pulled just ahead.

eUnited once again had a break between matches as they didn’t face Rise Nation again until the final match of the evening. This time, it was eUnited who came out strong, never letting their momentum die as they secured the first 3 – 0 victory of the weekend, outslaying Red Reserve by 25 kills in a 250 – 135 victory on Throwback Hardpoint, dominating in Breakout S&D and taking it 6 – 1, and then holding them off in Presinct Uplink, ending the series with a 10 – 9 win.

Going into the final day of Week 3, it was still unconfirmed who would come out as the two teams at the top, as both eUnited and Splyce had a 3 – 1 series count, and Red Reserve was close behind them at 2 – 2. Since eUnited faced both European squads that day, things could ultimately go either way.

To start their day, eUnited played the second match of the lineup, going up against Red Reserve to potentially secure themselves a seed in the CWL Global Pro League Stage Two Playoffs. All they needed to do was win.

The match started off with a Breakout Hardpoint, a map that was mostly in eUnited’s control as they took it 250 – 143. Retaliation S&D was a well-rounded effort from each of the eUnited players as they came out on top 6 – 3, and looking to carry this momentum forward, it was eUnited who actually found themselves down 6 – 2 with only two minutes left on the second half of Frost Uplink. However, on the back of an eight kill streak from Clayster and a clutch camo dunk through an attempted three-person body block with 2 seconds left from Prestinni, it was eUnited who took the map 8 – 6 and their qualifying series 3 – 0.

With that win, eUnited placed themselves at 4 – 1 with a 14 – 5 map count, guaranteeing them a spot in the Stage Two Playoffs. It was the quick 3 – 0 victory they took over Splyce in the final match of the group that gave them that first seed, making it eUnited and Splyce who would survive the weekend.

“Clayster has brought our fire back,” says SiLLy, “and I think we brought his back as well.”

In the end, the boys fought tooth and nail for their chances in the playoffs, and the organization could not be more proud of how they performed.