A Glimpse At Playoffs for eUnited

Story by Tadayoshi “Hermit” Littleton

NACS playoffs are upon us, with a mirror of what we saw last split. eUnited, Gold Coin United, Tempo Storm and Big Gods Jackals once again are our playoff teams, and we’ve got a glimpse of the matches to come this week with a short preview!

Eunited v Big Gods Jackals – Wednesday, July 19th

Coming in as the dark horse of the playoffs, Big Gods will be looking to finally take a game off of Eunited this split with a best of five series to make it happen. But for Big Gods to take the series, eyes will be on Fabbby to continue his bot lane dominance he’s shown throughout NACS to lead Big Gods to a series win. To do so will mean to also find a way to contain and control the dominate top side of the map from Eunited, with Licorice and Dandy bringing a continued train of pain for many teams in NACS now. Where we’ll primarily see the action in the side lanes, GBM v Pekin in the mid lane will be a bout of which mid laner will be given the room to roam and make plays on the side lanes, bringing that momentum to map wins for their teams.

Tempo Storm v Gold Coin United – Thursday, July 20th

As the two teams trading the 2nd and 3rd place standing in NACS, Tempo Storm v Gold Coin United will prove to be an exciting series to watch. With GCU riding a wave of momentum being the only team taking a series win vs eUnited this split, and securing the 2nd place spot as a result, TS will be looking to stabilize themselves on a new patch to take the win. Whereas the story for GCU is in its side lanes in Solo and Rikara, on TS eyes will be on Selfie, formerly of Misfits, to take Mid by storm and carry his advantage across the map along with Wiggily, a rookie NA jungler formerly with Big Gods, whose proven to be a consistent throughout NACS this split on TS.

With NACS playoffs being played on a hotfixed 7.14, spectators will have a first look into the games new patch in competitive play and the myriad of changes it brings with it. Be sure to catch all the action this week on twitch.tv/NALCS1, and Stand United.