eUnited Announces New Gears of War Lineup

Story by Zachary Lange
eUnited is proud to welcome aboard two new players and a new coach in preparation for Season 2 of the Gears Pro Circuit. Joining the team is veteran Ryan “Wildebeast” Gant, Kevin “Soto” Soto and former player Chris “Affinity” Curren. All three players were former players with Enigma6 Group with Soto returning for his second stint with eUnited. The team is currently participating in scrimmages together as a whole to gear up for some tough competition later this year.

“I’m pretty excited to play with this team and playing under this amazing organization,” Soto said. “We have a lot to work on at a team this is a brand new team we need to listen to each other and trust each other.”
Gant, who recently participated in the Gears of War All-Star Series, is looking forward to playing with both new and old teammates under the eUnited banner.

“It feels amazing to join eUnited,” Gant said. “I have wanted to play with Lava and Dispensa for a long time, and to finally get this opportunity feels great. I feel like I have a home on this team.”

After a successful playing career, Curren is transitioning to a coaching role with the new lineup, helping ensure the success of the new team-of-five.

“Transitioning from player to coach has been really convenient and enjoyable for me,” Curren said. “As the only pro Gears of War player turned coach, I’m confident I have a lot more to offer the team than other coaches in the scene.”

“Having Affinity as more of a mentor rather than a teammate is definitely different, but I feel like it benefits us a lot,” Gant said. “Affinity is probably the smartest person (in and out of the game) I have ever met. I know he could still play if he wanted to at the highest level, but I am extremely happy he is our coach.”

In addition to the new team members, eUnited has released two members of the Gears of War team in Coach Jovon White and Edwin “Demo” Perez.

“eUnited wishes the best to both Jovon and Edwin moving forward,” said Co-General Manager Matthew Pottoff. “We appreciate everything they did for our organization.”

Looking ahead, the team will be looking to take down MLG Las Vegas Open champions OpTic Gaming, and claim their first major championship.

“I think we have the experience and talent to do great things,” Curren said. “OpTic is a tough wall to break, but I think we can get there”