Preview: CWL Global Pro League Stage Two


The fire has been lit.

This Friday, the eUnited Call of Duty team begin their run in Group Yellow of the CWL Global Pro League Stage Two.

Following an impressive run in Stage One Groups but a disappointing finish in the Playoffs, the team looks to solidify their belonging in discussions regarding the top teams in the CWL Competitive Scene. The difference between Stages One and Two? The addition of Call of Duty Champion and former Captain of Faze Clan, James “Clayster” Eubanks.

After the situation with former eU player and CWL Atlanta MVP, Gunless, there was an overflow of rumors around the potential trade of Clayster to eUnited. This speculation especially followed after it was confirmed that Clay had joined the remaining members of eU, Justin “Silly” Fargo-Palmer, Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson, and Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson, to team for the June 4th North American 2k, in which they played under fake gamer tags for a team called Billy has no Thumbs, taking down Evil Geniuses in the Grand Finals and winning the online tournament.

“I feel like we’re back to where we used to be with Clay now on the team,” says Prestinni. “He gives us a leader and brings this whole new element that we’ve never really had before.”

For Stage Two of the Pro League, this new eUnited squad was drawn into the Yellow Group for Week 3, alongside European juggernauts and Season 1 Champions Splyce, MLG Vegas Champions Rise Nation, and the CWL Sheffield Open 2nd place finishers, Red Reserve. In a weekend that will be full of competition, eU will fight for one of only two playoff positions.

“I’m really confident with our team going into this weekend,” says Arcitys. “Each team has the skill to make it to Playoffs, but we’ve been fixing a lot of our problems and improving with each scrim we play.”

Between the three teams they will square off against, eU has only ever faced Splyce at a LAN event before, finding success in both matches between CWL Atlanta and CWL Dallas. They did go toe-to-toe with Rise Nation at the CWL PlayStation Experience Invitational, but Silly was the only member of the team then who still remains. However, this bracket showdown between some of the top names in competitive Call of Duty will be the first time this newly formed eU roster will play on LAN as a team since the trade back on June 23rd.

Through adversity they may walk, they stand united.

Stand with them.