Season Zero Champions


The Temple of Anubis has been eclipsed, Lijiang Tower has fallen into ruin, and Oasis has died, but we still stand. This past weekend, eUnited was named your Overwatch Contenders Season Zero champions for the European region.

The journey began when Europe witnessed hundreds of teams competing for a spot in the final 16 of the Group Stage. When the fighting had ceased, we stood amongst the remaining teams to battle through to the Playoffs.

Drawn into Group A alongside Bazooka Puppiez, Team Expert, and ESPORATI, eUnited finished with the #1 placement of their group with a 4-0-2 record, qualifying for the Playoffs played on Saturday, July 1st.

A look at eUnited’s playoff run:

Quarter Finals – eUnited vs. Movistar Riders.
This matchup was not unfamiliar territory for either team. In the Winners Finals of the Overwatch PIT Championship – Europe, it was Movistar Riders knocking eUnited down to the Losers Bracket in a 3-0 victory. However, eUnited was victorious against Team Dignitus in Game 5 of the Losers Bracket Final, and this victory secured them a rematch against Movistar Riders in the Grand Finals of the tournament. Unfortunately, the boys fell short in a Game 5 that went down to the wire, and they lost 5-4 on King’s Row. Fast forward 2 months, and it was eUnited knocking Movistar Riders into the Losers Bracket of the Overwatch TakeOver 2 Playoffs in a 2-0, BO3 victory.

Now, heading into Season Zero, both teams had undergone roster changes since the PIT Championship – eUnited with the support prowess of Boombox now overlooking them, and Movistar now with former Cyclowns player Destro. Unlike the PIT Championship, though, eUnited walked away with a clean 3-0 victory to progress to the Semi Finals.

Semi Finals – eUnited vs. Laser Kittenz.
The final barrier between eUnited and the Grand Finals was Laser Kittenz, a team that they had only played once in tournament play back in the PIT Championship Group Matches, which eUnited won 2-1.

To start the brawl, the teams faced off in what ended up being four rounds of Control, Laser Kittenz coming out on top with a 3-1 victory over a slow-looking eUnited. Moving into game two, the slaying ability of eUnited as a team really shone through as they walked away with a 2-1 victory on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, ending the match with a Team Kill on defense.

Game three placed the teams in the Temple of Anubis in an assault showdown. With Laser Kittenz taking both points with over four minutes to spare, it looked dire for eU. However, eU managed to beat Laser Kittenz’s time by taking both points with over six minutes left, and they ultimately moved on to win 4-3, taking a 2-1 series advantage in the BO5. eUnited’s Semi Final victory came in game four, when they held Laser Kittenz to one point on Eichenwalde.

Grand Finals – eUnited vs. 123.
Two teams, one Champion. Fresh off of their semi-finals win, eUnited turned their sights to the up-and-coming 123, a team unexpectedly, yet deservedly, in the Grand Finals after beating out Rest in Pyjamas and Bazooka Puppiez. As this was the first time these teams had ever faced off against one another, expectations were limited.

It was 123 that struck first, their slaying skill overpowering that of eU’s on Control and leading them to a 3-0 game one win. However, the taste of victory wasn’t long-lasting, as eU became driven from that loss and completely turned the series around, neutralizing any momentum 123 had from their strong start. eUnited then took the next four games over 123 to close out the BO7 Grand Finals 4-1 and crowning themselves as the Season Zero Champions.

The organization would like to both congratulate and thank Kruise, Boombox, Morte, Unfixed, Sharyk, Vallutaja and Coach Hayes on their well-deserved Championship victory and for making everybody at eUnited proud.