Meet the New Guys: DanDy and GBM!

Happy Thursday! My name is John (mediaBRUTE) – the Media Director for eUnited! Every Thursday, we plan to bring you an interview with one of our players to help you to get to know them.Following our 2-0 win over Delta Fox in our first NACS match with our new roster, we thought it would be a great time to sit down with DanDy and GBM, our two newest LoL players! Special thanks to Kris, our translator, for helping us out with this!


How was the transition coming over from Korea?

DanDy: It was a 50-50 mix of both excitement and apprehension.

GBM: I am glad to be back in NA!


What made you leave your home country for eUnited?

DanDy: I chose eUnited because the environment was great and it seemed to be my best option.

GBM: eUnited seemed like the best team with solid NA players!


How is it living in the house with all of your teammates, coaches, translators and a cook?

DanDy: Living in a team house means it is rarely quiet! It’s never boring here, but actually a lot of fun.

GBM: I’m very glad to be working here because everyone is very kind and easy going.


Speaking of cook, have you had Warhood’s food yet? What do you think of it? How does it compare to back home? Has he made any dishes from back home?

DanDy: The food is not bad at all. However, I do miss my home food (Korean food) because it is very comforting. The food here tends to be very rich, decadent and greasy so I’ve had to adjust to that.

GBM: Slightly disappointed based on expectations I had. Of course food from back home is the best. John is incapable of making Korean food.


What’s your favorite part about living in California?

DanDy: The best part of California is the weather and the views all around.



Where is your favorite place to eat in USA?

DanDy: My favorite food stop is the Boiling Crab!

GBM: I also love the Boiling Crab.


What do you miss most about home?

DanDy: My family

GBM: I miss good Korean food the most!


What are your biggest goals while playing for eUnited?

DanDy: My biggest goal while here would be getting into the LCS.

GBM: League of Legends World Championships


What do you think about Dan, your general manager?

DanDy: He is very friendly.

GBM: He’s a guy who leads all his teams very well and I consider him my friend as he’s very approachable and friendly.


Who is your favorite hero to play and what role do you play on the team?

DanDy: Lee Sin! Jungle.

GBM: Xerath; I like being in a position to harass unrestricted.


What do you think of Zeyzal, Licorice and Deftly?

DanDy: They are great teammates. They are very kind and very helpful.

GBM: They are master trollers and memers but I am happy I got such nice teammates.


What do you think of your fellow countrymate, GBM/DanDy:

DanDy: GBM is very energetic and upbeat.

GBM: DanDy is shy so he was hard to approach at first, but things are going well.


Who do you think is your biggest competition in the NACS?

DanDy: Gold Coin United, especially Fly and MadLife.

GBM: Tempo Storm (Quas) and GCU (Santorin), my old NRG bros!
How are your communications in game as Korean is your first language?

DanDy: Even though I am still learning English, my teammates are very understanding and have helped me work through it!

GBM: The commucation has been good and DanDy is surprisingly good at English from his time in China.


Any last words you want to say to the fans?

DanDy: I hope to deliver good results!

GBM: I’m glad to be back in NA after my year hiatus. I want to show how much I’ve matured as a player and assume more of a leadership role on the team.